Shuttles and parking


Parking at our house will be extremely limited at our house on the day of the wedding and not at all available on our street. If you must drive, please park on Gage St. (one street over) at the designated spots (we'll post signs).

Pacific City Free Shuttle

Pacific City offers a free shuttle service to and from destinations throughout Pacific City and surrounding areas during the weekend starting at 11am on Friday and departing from the Thousand Trails Office every 30 minutes until 5:30pm and until 7:30pm on Saturday and Sunday. The closest stop to our house is Gage St., but the shuttle drives right by Harris Ave. (our street, which is one block south of Gage) and you can ask to be dropped off there.

Wedding day shuttle

There will also be an additional shuttle service on the day of the wedding. Spaces are a little more limited and based on specified accommodations. The schedule is as follows (two different vehicles):

Sunday, July 24

Car 1, Route 1
- 4pm: Hill street house (Christine, Steve, Matt and Ben)
- 4:10: Nestucca Blvd House (Jessica and Jackie)
- 4:15: Kiwanda Shores (Stacey)
- 4:25: 5900 Harris Ave.

Car 2, Route 1
- 4:00pm: Headlands Hotel (Alissa, Tom, Kristen, Dave & Paul C.)
- 4:10pm: Cape Kiwanda Inn (2 people)
- 4:20pm: 5900 Harris Ave.

Car 1, Route 2
- 4:40pm: Cape Kiwanda Inn (7 people)
- 4:55pm: 5900 Harris Ave.

Car 2, Route 2
- 4:35pm: Cape Kiwanda Inn (7 people)
- 4:50pm: 5900 Harris Ave.

Car 2, Route 3
- 5:05pm: Cape Kiwanda Inn (7 people)
- 5:25pm: 5900 Harris Ave.

Return trips
The return shuttles will begin at 9pm and continue every 30 minutes until midnight. It's helpful if you let the drive know when you will need a ride back, but not necessary since it's hard to know.